Potato Potahto – The First Harvest! {A Video}

Hello September and hello to you! I’m back in the garden today, with perhaps the most exciting harvest of the season. The potatoes! I’ve been looking forward to this since the middle of April when the tatties went in. I was a bit concerned around June time, as it looked as though all the energy from the plant had gone into producing masses of foliage and no tubers! I needn’t have worried, as you will soon see.

As the potatoes were so successful, I thought I would put together a quick ‘how we did it’ video in case you’re on a tattie growing mission for Christmas (yes I said the ‘C’ word…too early?) or just in preparation for next springs growing season.

Please forgive any rookie filming or editing mistakes. This is my first gardening type video and both hubby and I took turns with the camera! And then there’s me talking…awkward!

I hope you enjoy it x


Tatties & Pippa

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