DIY Glass Cabinet Fabric Panels

Hello! I’m popping out of the garden for a minute and into the house to bring you a new DIY post. If you’re on Instagram, you may have discovered the house of @provencepoirers This instagram account is dedicated to showcasing a stunning chateau in Avignon, Provence which has been beautifully restored and decorated by an American family. I love everything about this home. It is incomparably beautiful, warm and welcoming and a major source of inspiration for me as I decorate my own home.

a bedroom in the chateau

I saw this image from the chateau and loved the idea of adding fabric behind glass doors to add a pop of colour, and to hide the contents of my messy cabinets. I used some gingham fabric I had to hand to create a similar look to cabinets in my office / sewing room.

Here is the messy before photo.


To make you’ll need:

  • Fabric of your choice and thread
  • Net curtain wire, eyelets and hooks. I bought this pack of 2 that included enough eyelets and hooks for four panels.
  • Tape measure
  • Pliers to snip the netting wire
  • A drill and pilot hole bit
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread and scissors.

Measure the width of the door panel and make a mark on the wood. Drill a pilot hole at each mark, then screw in a hook. Repeat on the other side for both the top and bottom of the door. Cut the net curtain wire to size minus 2cms to allow for the length of the eyelets once screwed into the end of the net curtain wire. Screw the eyelets into the wire (the wire is pre threaded and the eyelets will fit securely) and attach them to the hooks. The wire should sit taut and straight without any droop. You can then remove the wire from the hooks and set aside to use later.


To make the fabric panel.

Multiply the width measurement by 2, and add 6cm to the height measurement to get the final cut size. Doubling the width measurement gives a good amount of gather to the fabric to create pleats.

Cut the fabric to size.

Fold the side seams over by 2cm and iron along to create a sharp fold, then sew along the fold to create a seam. You can do a double fold if you need to hide any rough edges.

Create a 3cm fold at the top and bottom of the fabric, and iron to create a sharp fold. Sew close to the edge of the fabric (away from the fold) to create a pocket for the net curtain wire to feed through. Feed the netting wire through the fold, creating gathers as you go. Attach the fabric panel to the hooks on the door with the seams facing away from the glass, and arrange the fabric panels so the gathers are even.

There you have it.

…and here are the after photos!

I hope you enjoyed this fairly quick DIY post. Let me know if you have tried this before, or any other tips you have in the comments below. x

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